I began cooking at a young age  First learning soul food recipes from my grandmother and baking from my grandfather, it wasn't long after beginning junior high school that I began cooking the family meals.  The enjoyment of cooking started with my "Easy Bake Oven" and progressed over time to my enjoyment of cooking traditional family recipes and the learning the international cooking flair of wontons, egg rolls, chicken teriyaki and wok recipes. Collecting recipe books such as The Betty Crocker Cookbook, and boxed recipe cards was a hobby of mine as a teenager.  Shortly after college, I found myself traveling to New Orleans on a regular basis and beginning my study of gumbo.  While I do have an MBA, I also consider myself to have a "master's degree in gumbo".


It is after 20+ years of studying, sampling, and perfecting my own gumbo recipe, I now share my gumbo with others through my company, Best Gumbo In The Hood.  My Vegan Gumbo debuted in July 2014 at the First Annual Vegan Faire in Anaheim, and  my Shrimp & Chicken Gumbo will be available for sale to the public in August 2014 via OC Farmer's Markets.   Stay tuned for the announcement of days, times and locations to

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Having been raised in a Southern-born family, including an aunt from Louisiana, great cooking is in my genes!